Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Join the Minions Auxiliary!

Way back in episode nine we interviewed game author Rucht Lilavivat. Episode nineteen saw us interview The 25mm Warrior while he gave us some great 40k information to boot, and in the episode before that, Eli gave us the lowdown on Gamestorm '10. Their valor has been recorded, and they have been given honorary Minion Axiliary status, ready to called upon at a moment's notice. Their humble abodes in the geek corner of the intarweb are located to the right under, appropriately enough, the "Auxiliary Minions" links.

So what do YOU have? If you've listened to the show you know we're all over the map. If you're up for submitting an article, or even in recording something to be used on-air, send us an email (which is also over on the right). As long as it's gaming related (or music, or food, or movies, or video games...) we're pretty much open to any ideas you may have. Enjoy!


  1. Awesome ..... I am digging in my nerd collections as we speak !

  2. *cough*, Flames of War, *cough*