Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Do you have our podcasts?

The hard drive where we hosted our episodes has died. If somebody happens to have our episodes downloaded, we would love to get a copy of these! Please let me know at if you can help. Thank you!

Ed: We have recovered all episodes except 70-73. If you have these episodes, please let me know. Thank you!

Ed: I believe we have recovered all episodes at this point-- thanks to everybody who offered to help out!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Episodes? Five New Episodes!

Hell has indeed frozen over!  For those of you still subscribed, you will have noticed FIVE new podcast episodes to surprise your inbox today!  Those of you who have let your subscription slide (well, you're probably not here either) it's time to sign back up!  Those of you who don't know what the hell this is?  You're in for a ride to be sure.

Working backwards we've got in store for you:

Episode #80:  Wrath of the Autarch!  The gang plays the beta version of this recent Kickstarter 4x troupe style RPG, powered by FATE!

Episode #79:  Durance is the fabulous colonial planet survival storytelling game by none other than Fiasco author SeƱor Morningstar!

Episode #78:  Fiasco!  One of our podcast favorites!  This time with the superheroes of Pinnacle City!

Episode #77:  Well if the gang ain't doing Fiasco, they're more than likely doing FATE!  This time it's a return to glory of the good ole Star Wars mashup days with Star Bastards!

Episode #76:  The Holiday Episode!  Here we chat and talk and do podcast stuff during December!

Here's a great RSS feed right off of Boardgame Geek!  Enjoy!

What's in store for the future?  Who knows?  I know this, there's five new episodes up so get to work citizens!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lightning Strikes Twice!

Hot on the heels of Pathfinder Z just three nights ago, the gang's back with more!  

This time we're rocking Green Ronin's Dragon Age RPG and having tons of fun with it. We explain (and do) character creation, then get into some starter adventure action. 

So two new recorded episodes in one week. We've still got a backlog of episodes to get through, but between Gyro and T-Bone we at least know exactly where said backlog stands. 

Until next time, enjoy!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's Not a Hoax

But only slightly more tangible than Sasquatch...

That red light means it's recording!

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Curtain Ain't Dropped Yet!

"Is the podcast dead?  Has the sun set on you guys?  What's the freakin' deal?  Where's the other episodes?  I've listened to everything y'all have and [inexplicably] I want more, what am I to do!"

 We have heard you, I'm not going to give you any excuses, we have fallen off the wagon but WE ARE NOT OUT OF THE FIGHT!  That 'fight' of course being the business of bringing open-mic, non-scripted, nonsensical game table mayhem to your ear holes.

The above photo was taken just two days ago, so there is proof the minions haven't had a Yoko-style breakup.  White Tail, Mystery Meat, and myself took our ladies out for dining and drinking.  It was a great night, it was over too soon, and although it wasn't the forum for discussing podcast plans we still said some stuff on the topic.

White Tail (formerly T-Bone) has talked about starting up a new game set in the Dragon Age world, which is ripe for RPGing.  I spoke to the boys about the emails I've received very recently about the show's status, and that we should get back at the stick, which was unanimously agreed upon.  Mystery Meat is 'up for anything' and good to go.  

All in all, the bottom line is we fell into a bit of a rut of doing nothing with recording and boardgaming has dominated the tabletop as of late.  That and some scheduling issues have severely hampered our Saturday games, which have seen the lion's share of the recording.  

We're working on getting the ship back on course friends.  Thanks for being patient.