Monday, November 17, 2014

The Curtain Ain't Dropped Yet!

"Is the podcast dead?  Has the sun set on you guys?  What's the freakin' deal?  Where's the other episodes?  I've listened to everything y'all have and [inexplicably] I want more, what am I to do!"

 We have heard you, I'm not going to give you any excuses, we have fallen off the wagon but WE ARE NOT OUT OF THE FIGHT!  That 'fight' of course being the business of bringing open-mic, non-scripted, nonsensical game table mayhem to your ear holes.

The above photo was taken just two days ago, so there is proof the minions haven't had a Yoko-style breakup.  White Tail, Mystery Meat, and myself took our ladies out for dining and drinking.  It was a great night, it was over too soon, and although it wasn't the forum for discussing podcast plans we still said some stuff on the topic.

White Tail (formerly T-Bone) has talked about starting up a new game set in the Dragon Age world, which is ripe for RPGing.  I spoke to the boys about the emails I've received very recently about the show's status, and that we should get back at the stick, which was unanimously agreed upon.  Mystery Meat is 'up for anything' and good to go.  

All in all, the bottom line is we fell into a bit of a rut of doing nothing with recording and boardgaming has dominated the tabletop as of late.  That and some scheduling issues have severely hampered our Saturday games, which have seen the lion's share of the recording.  

We're working on getting the ship back on course friends.  Thanks for being patient.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Good Comm and Telemetry

So with all of the talk lately of new episodes, old episodes being unearthed, new horizons of teamwork, and what-not I thought I would share at least what's in the pipeline to date.  Mind you, this is all there is folks.  Including the episode of Pathfinder that just posted the other day, this is it as of this writing.  Note it does include what we recorded just the other night too, so really we're in pretty good shape.  There's some editing that needs to take place, and other little technical tweaks, but I'm confident these will well on their way to your libraries sooner than later.  Famous last words?  I hope not!
Episode 74; August 17th, Icons Superhero RPG
Episode 75; September 21st; Fiasco Dragon Slayers
Episode 76; December 10th; Around the Horn, Scheduling Discussions, General Malaise
Episode 77; February 22nd; Star Bastards Character Creation and Intro Adventure

Monday, February 24, 2014

Episode 73 is Now Up

As the title says...episode 73 is up now through all the usual channels; iTunes and straight RSS feed.  This one is from some time back, but it's new to you!  Looks like it's a Pathfinder episode featuring all elf-on-elf action.

Look guys and girls out there, we know there's been a lack of episodes and minion representation but after several board meetings and finger pointing we are getting things back on track, for you, the listener.

Rock on.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The New Face of Star Bastards

New characters, new campaign, new episodes...all in the works. Last night we made characters and jumped right into the adventure. Left to right up top; Chico Sticks rolled up a human scoundrel/pilot who learned their trade in the military but couldn't stomach the beaurocracy of it all and went AWOL. Gyro rolled up a Trandoshan (Bossk race) muscle bound mercenary who swings first and worries about the details later. Americano is playing a first generation Mandalorian clone whose destiny was scrapped in favor of the more obedient Fett line, he's a little bitter. T-Bone is playing a very cautious Mon Calamari who tentatively acts as the group's negotiator and front man. Finally is Biscuit's Jawa/Battle Droid combo that plays not unlike a split personality/old married couple. 

We're using the FATE derivative, FATE Accelerated. It may be streamlined but it's got it where it counts. We breezed through character creation and were knee-deep in the adventure in no time, and that's after a couple of hours of pre-game pizza, beer, and snack shopping. All in all it was great to get everyone (mostly, Mystery Meat was missing in action) together at the table and recording again. Rock on. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

T-Minus Now

This is happening.  Right now.  Tonight.  Episode 77; Star Bastards.