Monday, March 22, 2010

Episode 9: Interview with Rucht Lilavivat

Episode 9: Interview with Rucht Lilavivat

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Gyro, and Biscuit

Show Notes:
  • Introductions
  • ENnie nominated Game Designer Rucht Lilavivat
  • Rucht's Good Game Mastering Tips
  • Setting the Mood in-game: Using Minis, Soundtracks, Cut Scenes, and Character Voices
  • The Gaming Industry
  • Rogue Trader talk
  • Rucht's Library of Published Works
  • Atlantean themes in past campaigns
  • Rucht's Own Rogue Trader Campaign
This is a first for the Minions of the Monster Master, an actual interview with someone from the gaming industry. Rucht has been our buddy for a long time now, but he's also racked up quite a few writing credits over the years in various RPG source books, games, and supplements. The feather in his cap would have to be his ENnie nomination last year for Tome of Adversaries, a Witch Hunter monster book he was the solo author on.

Pad Prik, in all his glory...

As promised, Duck Sauce's mini-fig tumble check


  1. I really enjoyed this interview. It was very interesting to hear, even in brief, the journey from casual gamer, to expanded gamer and through the various stages of published gamer.

    On another note, if you ever wondered how your podcast was benefiting or helping the hobby, I am not motivated to give Witch Hunter a serious look because of this cast. You guys spend a lot of time panning yourselves and rendering yourself humble but you do some good work.

    Also, I would agree with your guest that having two seperate podcasts for Round the Horn and your game sessions would make for some nice convenient listening.

    Another thought would be to have the main podcasts include the Round the Horn but to also have a seperate section of abridged posts that are only the Round the Horn segments. This would be good for folks trying to use the Round the Horn for product and hobby news. Heck, if you were feeling particularly ambitious, you could even list what topics were discussed in each session.


  2. Eli-- any chance that should be "...I am NOW motivated?"

  3. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was a 'now', heh.

    Lot of 'Round the Horn' talk going, ahem, around. Maybe we should revisit the subject next time we all sit down at the table?

    Thanks again Eli for all the quality feedback!