Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Eye Has It

What you see above is the awesome shoulder pad of our upcoming Minions-themed Space Marine army, the Sons of Minos! Biscuit, as usual, did a great job of visualizing the shoulder insignia and John at Santa Cruz Warhammer took up the challenge to sculpt it on a tiny 6mm tall shoulder pad! John's a talented miniature artist, who does commissions ahem, and he's pretty much captured this perfectly. "Squidley" is what I believe he called the Monster Master icon, and I can't wait to get my brush on these! We had looked at doing custom waterslide transfers, but no, this is going to be so much better. If you haven't voted on a color scheme yet, do so now! John describes the whole process in this latest post, check it out.


  1. I love it! My Nids from Hive Fleet Karkas would love to join this force!

  2. Did you guys manage to get shoulder plates cast up or are they all hand-sculpted?

  3. I believe we are gonna have some cast up but I am unsure how many that entails. Gyro has more of the specifics on that.