Monday, June 14, 2010

Episode 19: 'Round the Horn and 40k Guest Spot

Episode 19: 'Round the Horn and 40k Guest Spot

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Gyro, Biscuit, Wonton, Americano, and T-Bone

Show Notes:
Holy cow what a lineup, all for a fairly short episode too. First and foremost we introduce "Wonton" a stalwart and enthusiastic listener/supporter who submitted a letter to the Minions not too long ago. After reading said letter we felt we should have him on the show. So we did. And he agreed. He brings to the table a 40k perspective which although some of us play every now and then, it can't really be said we're exactly knowledgeable in the area. After this great guest spot we go into the usual "around the horn" stuff as well as the usual inanity we are slowly melding into a fine art. We'd like to thank Wonton one more time, so thanks!

As a bonus, in case you've ever wondered just how we come up with all the food names for the hosts and guests, we'll give you a behind the scenes look. No, it's not just whatever we ate last. If it were, half the people on the show would be named "Peanut Butter Crunch"! No, it's a bit more involved than that. Here's a look at the thought train behind "Wonton"!
  • J. Ford: Hmm, he's in California so I'm thinking avocados. I liked Duck Sauce's "sea rat" (c-ration), but sea rat's not a food. Looking around though, rat cuisine is on the rise in Asia, especially with the prevalence of bird flu.
  • Hmm, I'm seeing 'Asian' and 'Ford', and what better combination of the two than Ridley Scott's excellent film Blade Runner featuring a crumbling dystopian future on the decline rife with Asian cultural influences, starring Harrison FORD.
  • To quote an article detailing the film, "reflecting perhaps the director's vision of the future as a western world over-run by advancing oriental commerce. On the advertising wall the Coke adverts are followed by geisha girls and Japanese hi-fi companies. There is no fresh food, only noodles and other oriental fast food."
  • So now I'm thinking we need to find noodle-affiliated dishes, and Asian fast food at that. Of course getting some rat in there is pretty important.
  • I found this picture, and the site it's from has the word tentacle in the URL, so we're getting warmer. I found a bunch of Thai dishes, but they all had Thai names, "Phat Tap" was cool, but we already have a "Pad Prik". Wait a sec...Wonton!


  1. It's so tempting to post Pad Prik's home address as "Johnson City Man Cave" so he can report back to us on how many of your internet friends randomly show up wanting to be on ustream.

    So yeah, just wanted to say hi guys. I just listened to the new episode while sitting here painting my mini for Pad Prik's Rogue Trader game. I'll make him post it on his blog when it's finished.

  2. I'm sure the reaction on Ms. Pad Prik face would be priceless!

  3. Heya Nick, thanks for listening! Don't let Pad Prik rest on his laurels up there, he needs a little grounding every now and then!

  4. I just finished listening to episode 19 and thought it was awesome. Great show and thank you for having Wonton on with you guys, the interview with him and all the 40k talk were really interesting. Also that's a fascinating look into how your mind works with regards to naming the Minions. Thanks!