Saturday, January 7, 2012

Episode 43; Deathwatch, A Stony Sleep pt. 1

Episode: iTunes
Episode: Non-iTunes

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Gyro, T-Bone, and Chick-o-Sticks

Show Notes:
  • Reviews from iTunes
  • Gyro's emotional tirade
  • Duck Sauce's lack of NPC dodges
  • Official Apology to Ralnai
  • Tasting a new bourbon; Jim Beam Devil's Cut
  • New podcast mascot; Litterbox
  • Homemade Tandori Chicken
  • The Minions' Holiday Feast of Foods
  • On to the actual play...
This session continues the adventures of the Deathwatch marines as they embark upon a new chapter called the Stony Sleep. It's usually the 'big group' but even down three men we still roll as the Emperor's Finest putting power armored boot to heretic arse.



  1. Deathwatch: In ur base, fucking ur skulls

  2. Hey, things happen out there in the field. Unless you are there, you can't understand....