Friday, December 23, 2011

A Minions Carol

Twas the night before Christmas
and on the Podcast
Minions gathered 'round the table
For a Christmas-eve bash

T-Bone spoke in a voice

Ranging from mumbles to a shout
“I hope Santa brings me time
to game and hang out.”

“So come on, people, focus!

That would bring me good cheer.
No, Screw it, what I want
Is a case of good beer.”

The sage-like Duck Sauce leaned back

and he thought for a while
“Some bourbon would be better
he said with a smile.”

He told an off-color joke,

which gave him a laugh.
Then he checked the mic
“Is this on? Oh Crap!”

Then Gyro spoke up

In a booming-loud voice.
“A Skyrim miniatures game
would be my gift of choice.”

“Or a Skyrim RPG,
that would be great!
I'll drink Duck Sauce's Bourbon
and the GM I'll berate.”

Chico Sticks gave a smile
and said with no gloss
“A loud voice would
help me game 'like a boss'”

Americano spoke up
in a voice so sarcastic,
"Every electronic device in
the world would be fantastic."

Said Mystery Meat
just one word “Indeed.”
In deep contemplation
while there in his seat.

“Oh F in the A!”
said Biscuit with glee.
"Will Santa bring me a sketchbook?
That's just what I need.”

“Then we'd better shut down."
Ole' T-Bone said.
"It's a long drive home
Must get ready for bed.”

“So that Santa can come,
We sure don't want to miss it.
To our listeners out there


  1. Merry Christmas you wonderful old podcast and drinking buddies!

  2. LOL, Nice (as i sat and contemplated, indeed!)