Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Episodic Triple Shot

There are no less than three new episodes up for grabs as we speak. Three! Gyro is slacking on his 'new episode' posts, sure, but the Minions are also setting new records in cranking out content. Below are the briefest show notes ever. Enjoy!

Episodes: iTunes
Episodes: Non-iTunes

Episode 40: Deathwatch, the Price of Hubris part three. Our Space Marines trade their loincloths back in for their more traditional power armor and enjoy a celebratory feast! Nothing bad ever happens at a feast. Right?

Episode 41: Fiasco, the Zoo. Welcome to the Brookmarket Zoo, these are your tour guides this evening; the head custodian, the chairman of the board, and a seal trainer! Nothing bad ever happens when you grow illegal substances in the Australian Excursion exhibit. Right?

Episode 42: The Tainted World, character creation. Gearing up for 2012's next big FATE romp our hosts sit down and make some characters. Nothing bad can happen when characters are created. Right?

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