Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You Just Had to Enter!

You may recall the recent contest we had, giving away a painted Deathwatch Space Marine. Maybe you don't recall it, which is why you didn't enter. Either way, the bottom line is that everyone who entered...won. It was that simple!

This blog, which really just accompanies the podcast itself, has 94 followers. If all 94 followers had entered we would be in serious trouble! As it turns out, four of you entered, we just happened to have four spare, unpainted Deathwatch Space Marines lying around, so all four came out winners.

I believe the mix turned out to be a Librarian with Force Sword and Power Fist, an Assault marine with Jump Pack, Chain-axe, and scoped Bolt pistol, a Devastator marine with a Plasma Cannon, and a Tactical marine (I think) kitted out appropriately, so who gets what exactly? I don't know, but the following winners will be contacted soon about where to ship these figs off to.
  1. Eriochrome of the excellent Sons of Twilight blog
  2. Tristan of the equally excellent GW Pertinent blog
  3. Stewart, one of the hosts of Live by the Die, Die by the Die
  4. SeƱor Vosovic, who I can't seem to link to any blog
So congratulations to all of you. We will try to post some WiP shots here on the blog so you can see how your marines are shaping up before they ship out. Until next time!


  1. Not sure if painting has started yet. Can I just get it painted as a Sons of Minos?

  2. Should not be a problem, the Librarian and the Devastator wouldn't work, they have unique shoulder pads, but the tactical or assault marine should do. I'm painting the Librarian, so I'll check with the other guys (Biscuit and Duck Sauce) to see who has what. I know Biscuit has painted up a prototype Sons of Minos Tactical marine before, so he may be the one for the job.

  3. I haven't started mine yet. Was planning on Space Wolf and Dark Angel, based on the figures.

  4. I'll send you guys my acceptance speech once it's done in editing.

    PS. Thanks for finally mentioning my podcast!

  5. Perfect! I have several deathwatch devastators so was hoping for the assault marine. Sounds like I've got a 50/50 chance!

  6. Tristan, you'll have to butter up Duck Sauce, but he's got a 'generic' assault marine that could be easily painted as a Son of Minos.

    He's also got a fairly obvious Dark Angel Deathwatch. That means Biscuit has the Plasma Cannoneer and I've got a 70% finished Librarian.

  7. We can make sure you get the Assault Marine, Tristan. He has kind of punkish hair, a scope bolt pistol and a chain axe. You want him as Sons of Minos?

  8. Ack, sorry I forgot to subscribe to the comments. Honestly I am happy with anything - more deathwatch just means more options for any of my marine armies + the rpg itself (look for my first deathwatch rpg post on GWpertinent soon!)

    Sons of Minos would be great! Just so it ties you you guys and adds sentimental value (see my latest post ;) )