Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Contest: You Could be the Next Winner!

That's right, you, yes YOU! could be the next winner. I don't know how many contests we've had, but here's another one. How do you win? Easy, listen to the show, follow this blog, blah, blah, blah. No you don't even have to be a follower.

Remember our officially sanctioned and fully approved Minions Merchandise? The link is also on the right, as has been said time and time again, there is zero markup, we don't do this to make money. It's just nice to get the word out, besides it's a chance for you to get some cool artwork by host artist Bi3cuit.

Well head over to the shop, find something cool, just look around, and then you're automatically entered in the contest. It's that easy. It's a good shop, you'll find cool stuff, and the cheapest thing is a ten dollar coffee mug, the most expensive is a $24 dollar shirt (seen here). You have to drink stuff to live, why not in a Minions mug? You have to wear clothing in the elements, again, why not in a cool gamer's shirt? Of course, no purchase is necessary to win. Send us an email to say what you liked in the shop, what you bought if you did such a thing, what you might have bought, or what you would like to see added. That's all it takes.

During the next Deathwatch episode we will randomly draw a name from those who have entered and the winner shall receive:

A 40k Deathwatch Space Marine

That's right, and it won't be something already painted off the shelf either. It will be painted for you, from a space marine of the chapter of your choosing. You also get to pick whether it will be an Assault Marine, a Devastator Marine, or a Marine Librarian.

The contest concludes with the airing of the next Deathwatch podcast, so you only have a week or two left! Good luck, the Emperor protects (and gives away prizes)!


  1. Now, since I already got my shirt (Looks awesome, expect pictures from the Great North.) Am I already in this contest?

  2. Of course, you're our only contestant so far, so really "contest" is a bit of a misnomer!

    Originally, when we first set up the store, we had envisioned (hoped for) all kinds of photos of Minions-wearing peeps from all over the globe!

  3. I think this contest structure might be illegal in the US, guys. I am pretty sure you cannot have a contest that requires a purchase. You must have another method of entry like a postcard (check the fine print in pretty much every contest you see). I doubt anyone is going to sue or anything. Maybe you have another entry method I did not see noted.

  4. Maybe we should let you write up the verbage! You think I would've learned a good lesson from the Storm Wardens project a while back, we had made close to five grand before we were shut down early on because we had in fact concocted an unknowingly illegal structure. It got fixed though. Hmm, I'll see what I can do to edit it.

  5. I think I will be ordering the Green T-Shirt with the Green Text and the Family Logo shirt. Not sure when but I like both of them!

  6. The green one is my contribution. There's some more "family portraits" (I like that) in the works too, I'll let Biscuit expand on those ideas next episode.

    Having seen the holy sketchbook though, I can say it's pretty cool indeed.