Saturday, September 17, 2011

Episode 35: Fiasco Dragonslayers

artwork © Wayne Reynolds

Episode 35: Fiasco Dragonslayers
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Hosts: Gyro, Biscuit, and Duck Sauce

A Golem's rune of control is destroyed during an epic battle with a fire drake. A Summoner turns to older, darker magics hellbent on finding ultimate power. A Dwarf bounty hunter is on the trail of both, looking for revenge and to carve out a destiny of his own.

After wrapping up a fourth session of Warhammer Fantasy using the FATE rules, some of the hosts stuck around. With a little time on their hands the new standby and fast-becoming favorite RPG pick-up game Fiasco is broken out, this time with a new setting; fantasy.

Note: Keeping with the technical difficulty trend of last episode, we managed to not record the first thirty minutes and had to start over a second time.


  1. This is the 'feast' part of "feast and famine" right? Then we don't get an episode for three months?

  2. You're getting the hang of it now! Actually we recorded an extra long session Saturday night too, so you'll have yet another new one here in a couple of days.

    Then it'll be three months!

  3. For the record, all we lost was some Round the Horn stuff.