Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The Minions have heard that all the kids these days are using a newfangled form of communication called "video." To test the waters, we provide you with this.

T-Bone, Gyro, Mystery Meat and Chico Stix got together for a little Thunderstone last weekend, and recorded this highly-produced "Geekumentary" for your enjoyment.

So enjoy! Lest you wish the streets to flow deep with the blood of your children.


  1. I love the bit where you all pop your mugs into frame!

  2. That creaky table is funny, it sounds like we're playing below decks on a ship at sea!

  3. Hey, it's a quality production!

  4. And that creaking is the bulkhead of the Starship adjusting itself. We had just dropped out of lightspeed five minutes before filming, and the ship is adjusting to the change in G-forces.