Tuesday, July 26, 2011

T-Bone & the Colossal Penguid of the North Pentagram

Behold the massive beast known as the Penguid. Part giant penguin, part extra-large squid this gargantuan creature plagued the waters of the North Pentagram and was responsible for the disappearance of an unfathomable number of sea faring ships and their devoted crews. After a long arduous battle with just a rusty flail and the yearning for titan's blood, the great T-Bone felled the monster with a crushing blow to the side of its three-pronged beak and impaled it upon the shattered mast of a wrecked and long forgotten viking vessel.

To this day not a single ship sails the North Pentagram without the tale of T-Bone's feat upon the lips and ears of its crew. Some even claim that on rare storm-less nights you can hear the screams of the damned Penguid as it relives its own death night after night while others fear it is the cries of the tentacled younglings as they weep for their slaughtered mother and grow with revenge in their hearts.

As for T-Bone you say? He cares not for such tales as he is too busy venturing forth slaying much larger, and some smaller less important, creatures.

I figured I'd try something a little different this time around with the banners and focus on each member of the Minion crew. By the roll of a die T-Bone won the first rendering!

I Hope you Enjoy!


  1. Et tu Penguid?

    I love the art, and there's nothing better than character backstories. Keep up the great work

  2. Yeah, kudos on a great piece and extra kudos for keeping this project under wraps!

  3. Dude, how did you know I have an ancestral hatred for all things penguin AND all things squid?

  4. Thanks for the slight bulge in the pants, BTW. That's a nice touch.

  5. Are you talking about real life after you saw the artwork, or the artwork itself?

  6. amazing.. artwork and comments.. lol