Saturday, October 2, 2010

31 Days of the Walking Dead - Day 02

We kick off day two with a tile-laying-game from
Twilight Creations by the name of "Zombies!!!".

The objective? Survive long enough to make it to the helipad and get out of Dodge!

As the game progresses each player draws and places a city tile that increases the size of your gaming area along with the size of the zombie horde you have to face. Players can also draw up to three item cards which allow greater use of key-locations and varying effects of undead-kill-a-tude. Along the way players will collect and use health and bullet tokens as they trade blows with their undead nemeses.

There is also a second (sometimes easier) objective in which you may win by collecting a predetermined total of zombie kills, or "trophies" but I'm particularly keen to the helicopter scenario.

Its a fun little number to pull out for any occasion and has inspired many expansions (currently the toll is up to Zombies!!! 9) with different types of zombies ranging from undead dogs to clowns and babes. Each type of figure is also available in a super-government-enhanced-glow-in-the-dark version which has a slightly harder difficulty game mechanic. The game itself obviously comes with its own rules but part of the charm I have found while playing this game is how much fun it is to come up with your very own rules.

The popularity of Zombies!!! has even inspired theme changes in the form of Humans!!! and Martians!!!.

If you get the chance to play this game or any of its expansions I highly recommend giving it a try.


  1. It's a fun game. Our group has found that the cards can make it easy for players to try to keep anyone from winning, but somehow that seems right.

    Author of the Zompocalypse Tweetstory