Sunday, October 3, 2010

31 Days of the Walking Dead - Day 03

Shotgunning into day three is

Zombie (Action!) Cinema is a game that is really, truly, actually limited only by your imagination. Each time you play the end result has great potential to be something totally different than where you started.

You can be a family man struggling to maintain his own inner battles whilst fighting to keep his family safe. You could be a quirky and ambitious civil-rights-for-zombies-activist and feminist defending the hordes of the life-challenged. You could be a mentally and physically handicapped pysch-ward patient who is just trying to bum a ride while at the same time evading the pursuit of the Men-in-Black and those damned undead Sasquatches!

*All actual characters from our sessions by the way...*

The game mechanics are actually really simple. You draw three cards that will determine your character archetype. Results will vary but may include any of those listed above. Your progress is tracked on a very simple board that ranges from no-threat-level-at-all to what's-up-Saint-Peter?-what-do-you-mean-I'm-not allowed-in??-Oh-right-the-sinning... No, those are not actually the naming conventions but seeing as Ducksauce is the owner of the game I had to come up something on the fly! Anyways... If you can make it off the board you survive. I don't think I have survived a round of Z(A!)C but win or lose this a game of great fun to be had.

Also of note, I thought that it was pretty neat that our very own Ducksauce and Gyro are listed in the links page of Arkenstone Publishing. See if you can find them!


  1. Interesting ...... I like the card making for characters !

  2. It's one of the few games where you can play an injured dependent with mental problems and still be a viable player in the game!

    And, yes, Gyro's cop sicced his dog on my crazy cripple, broke his arm and left him for the zombies.