Friday, October 1, 2010

31 Days of the Walking Dead - Day 01

Halloween is just around the corner and we all know what that means right?...
That's right! The Walking Dead will be premiering on
AMC, October 31, 2010, @ 10pm.

Being a big fan of The Walking Dead comic series and an even bigger fan of all things zombie (no pun intended) I figured why not celebrate by dedicating the entire month of October to the non-living flesh-craving over-eaters of the macabre and some of their better offerings to world in the form of gaming. Everyday until All-Hallows-Eve I will be presenting a new post relating to the appearance of Zombies in tabletop-gaming, video games, board-games, card games, and the like!

Enjoy and stay along for the ride as long as you can!
For in the Zompocalypse, there are no survivors, just more zombies.


  1. What great artwork. You show your talent once more. Though I have to wonder what the other minions think about being rendered as mindless zombies.

    31 posts on the topic of zombies is a pretty bold undertaking. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


  2. I'm just as shocked as you are Eli about this bold undertaking! I can't wait to see what else is in store. Holy crap, this is going to be cool!

    Technically, minions are just a step above mindless zombies anyway, so it's no big deal! Plus, I feel good I was one of the survivors, err, at least for the immediate time being!

  3. Gyro, you're delicious!

    We should run Zombie Cinema again for the month.

  4. Duck Sauce, you should try Gyro's arm....

  5. Great stuff !!! I love the group going zombies ...

  6. I figured we'd kick off October with a bang! Not to mention Gyro blowing Chick O' Sticks f'n head off!!

    As for what they think about it? They didn't even know I was planning a new banner. I took the idea and F'd it in the A! The only hard part was trying to get em' all to stand still with two fleshies in the room. Once Ducksauce and T-Bone started digging into Gyro, I said "F it" and snapped the shot. As you can see I'm pretty light on my undead-feet 'cuz I made it into the pic.

    I second Zombie Action Cinema!