Saturday, May 8, 2010

It Comes Down to a Coin Toss Tonight

Ralnai weighs in with his enthusiastic mug...and his coffee cup!

So it comes down to just two entries for the first Minions swag contest? You've got, oh I don't know, about five hours to sneak something else in. Above is a near-last minute entry by listener and reviewer Ralnai! Here he displays his java-express, now Ralnai is a big guy, close to seven feet tall actually, and as you can see, the large mug still holds it own.

Remember, we've actually got two contests rolling, one is the swag contest you see above, and the other one was more of a lark with a caption contest. Both of these end with the onset of tonight's podcast, with winners announced on-air, so get cracking yo!

Minions Caption Contest

Minions Swag Contest

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