Sunday, May 9, 2010

Episode 14: Around the Horn and Other Round-Table Discussion

Episode 14: Around the Horn

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Gyro, Biscuit, T-Bone, and Americano

Show Notes:
  • Around the Horn
  • Discussion on Kids' Games
  • BGG List of Adult Friendly Kids' Games
  • Duck Sauce defends the "two best videogames of all time."
  • Zombie Games
  • Storm Warden Charity Raffle sneak peek
  • Minions Swag Contest winner announced!
  • Minions Caption Contest winner announced!
  • The controversy of taser-guns
  • Secret phrase: Avocado Dip
Episode fourteen came out of the box strong with even more of our pre-game warm up. In fact, there was so much Around the Horn, and other table discussion, we decided to end the show immediately after. We started the usual actual play podcast fresh with episode fifteen without all the preemptive discussion, so you can have your cake and eat it too.


  1. Loopin Louey is awesome. We took it to GameStorm two years ago and set it up on a table next to the table we were playing at.

    Of course several kids stopped to play, but slowly but surely many of the older gamers including some obvious grognards started to stop and give it a try. It was funny to watch as they started to get into and try to figure out the strategy.

    One of them even stopped and with a chuckle admitted that he was surprised at how much strategy the game actually had in it.

    We have alternate considered playing it as a drinking game, requiring you to take a shot every time a chicken gets knocked off the roof or to do an honest to goodness tournament at a future convention (more likely to happen).


  2. Awesome! I've always wanted an honorary Minion handle. Not sure I would have chosen Jerky, but who am I to argue with the DMC.

    Thanks for the props too. Looking forward to a mad summer of gaming before I have to head to the frozen north.


    PS I like the split show format... I never listened to any of the Actual Play anyway.

  3. @Eli: Thanks for the tip, I'll be adding that one to my wants list. There's another good one called Pick Picnic, but for some reason it's OOP right now, grrr.

    @Jerky: I'll have to go back and listen, but I don't think that handle was DMC approved! I would've gone with something cooler, haha. Yeah, we're super bummed out, but happy for you. Bring on the metal storm of gaming for the summer!

    Glad you liked the format, anyone else want to chime in?

  4. It was enjoyable listening to the group ! ... keep the contest and gaming coming ...

  5. A winnar is me! W00t!

    On the issue of splitting up Around the Horn and the actual gameplay, I think it's a pretty good idea. When I listen to minions, it's usually when I'm sitting down to draw maps/devise encounters for the D&D game that I'm running, and I've noticed that I tend to pay much closer attention to Around the Horn, whereas the actual gameplay becomes a very pleasant kind of white noise when I'm deciding how many Babaus to put into an encounter (one, apparently, is more than enough).

    But that doesn't mean that it isn't fun listening to actual gameplay- it's still a highly entertaining and informative part of the podcast. I myself recently picked up a copy of Mouseguard, and it's been helpful listening to you guys playing and figuring things out.

    And, while it wasn't the pronunciation I had in mind, I think I like "Senor Mencken" the best. Where's my blog link in the show notes, Gyro?!?!?!? ;-)

  6. Congrats again SeƱor Mencken! I didn't want to put your link in the show notes to force you to listen, mwahaha! I'll pimp your blog next time though!

    You and [that other winner] need to email the Minions ( with your address so you can get your prize packs!