Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Buncombe Inc.

The Board of Regents at Buncombe Inc.

As mentioned in episode 14, but not acted upon until now, here is the official blog-pimping of caption-contest winner, Señor Mencken. ¡Hola!, and congrats again Señor! His blog is well-written and, unlike this one, its posts actually contain thought-provoking commentary and other treatises upon which all manner of topics are given their due.

As his prize pack, The Señor receives dos paperback books; books one and two of the gritty, military sci-fi series known as Death's Head by David Gunn. In-your-face, feces-on-the-floor action novels are probably going to be an affront to his literary tastes, but variety is the spice of life! Why these novels have been signed by Minions of the Monster Master I'll never know, but for what it's worth, those aforementioned signatories have graced the pages of these paperbacks with encouraging words and congratulatory phrases. At the very least, this ensures you want be able to simply sell them to a used bookstore!

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