Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Episode 10: Martian Cinema

Episode 10: Martian Cinema

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Gyro, Biscuit, and Pad Prik

Show Notes:
  • Introductions
  • Gasp! No Around the Horn
  • [Martian] Cinema Gameplay
  • Martian Progress Track
  • A Cultist, a Cop, a Groundskeeper, and a Scientist walk into a bar...
  • Late show T-Bone Sighting
In this episode, a few of us run through a quick game of Arkenstone Publishing's excellent Zombie Cinema. We have devised a Martian variant for the game, and this is the actual play of that session. Being a "pick up" game a few hours before episode eleven, we skipped a lot of the usual format, most notable the popular 'Around the Horn' segment.

The Martian variant board we used for the game


  1. To clarify, the "Start" steps are the steps immediately below the actual start line. I didn't have time to clean that up. Gyro, maybe you could clean that up and repost?

  2. Done and done!

    I listened to this episode last night while painting on some more Vikings, it was pretty entertaining.

  3. i was obviously feasting on the subway BMT... preoccupied, nuff said

  4. I feel so lucky that Utah and China are both very far away... No Martians here lol