Wednesday, February 24, 2010

T-bone's Jam and peanut spread on bread recipe.


2 tbsp nut spread, such as peanut butter (or nutella!)
2 tbsp fruit jelly or jam
bread, sliced. Use two pieces, discard remaining loaf.

Place the 2 tbsp of nut spread on one slice of bread. Place the 2 tbsp of jam on the second slice.

Carefully, as to not spill an of the jam or spread, place the jam slice on top of the spread slice, so that the spread and jam are combined.

Carefully cut down the middle for easier eating. Remove crusts if desired.

Patent pending.


  1. Huh. I always heard put the jam on the first slice, then the nut spread on the second. I'll have to try it this way some time!

  2. I followed these directions closely, but I ended up with a sandwich that had a large center dollop of combined nut spread and jam in the middle, but most of it (more than half the sandwich) was just plain bread out to the edges with nothing in between.

    What gives?