Sunday, February 21, 2010

Episode 7: Dark Heresy, Animus Hereticus Conclusion

Episode 7: Dark Heresy, Animus Hereticus Conclusion

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Little Gyro, Americano, Biscuit, and T-Bone

Show Notes:
  • Introductions
  • Around the Horn
  • Upcoming Weekly Blogjobs
  • Promoting the Podcast
  • Steve Jobs
  • Mouseguard prelims
  • Beverage Banter
  • Dark Heresy actual play
Tonight's episode marks the conclusion of this particular story arc of the acolytes' recent investigation. After tying up some loose ends, namely the recent assassination attempt in the gardens, and deepening their understanding of who the possessed servitor represents, the party finally tracks down the location of their ultimate quarry. Having lost their Arbites officer, and with one of their psykers recovering from a shattered leg, they are shorthanded, but time is short, and they have to go with what they've got.

The party cruises through the Caloric Debris Fields...

We're not finished with Dark Heresy for good, but we will definitely be switching gears for a little while, give Duck Sauce a bit of a GM break, and give Mouseguard a test drive for a little while. It's been a good run, and I think everyone agrees that DH was a blast to play. People are pretty attached to their character as well, so we definitely don't want to abandon them for good. It's very possible that the Ascension expansion will be out by the next time we hit Dirtside with our acolytes, so they may be getting the ultimate field promotion!


  1. In the rush for the end I glossed over it, but the Sarcosan Wave Generator was a VERY big deal. Reanimation is a very big no no.

  2. Sad to see this one end. Still have figs to paint but with this one being almost 5hrs made a lot of progress.

    Look forward to see what you all do next!


  3. Bill! I don't think we can mispronounce that, heh.

    Don't fret, we will be back rpg'ing in the 40k universe, and soon. Whether our acolytes will be promoted to full Inquisitors, or we'll be at the helm of our Rogue Trader ship, the Void Dragon, I don't know, but we'll be back.

    In the meantime, hopefully our Mouseguard adventures will get you through some more hours of painting.

  4. Been chomping at the bit waiting for the next episode, can't wait to hear it.

  5. Finally finished off the last ep. Was pretty good over all. I'm curious as to what's going to happen in the future. Not sure about Mouseguard though. In ever much got into games like that. More of a personal preference than anything. But I'll check the podcast for details - who knows, maybe it'll grow on me.

  6. Eiredrake here, not seeing an email or 'contact us' link so I suppose i'll just ask the question here. Delete it if it's overly annoying. Or perhaps use it as an excuse to create a FAQ. =)

    Basically I'm interested in doing a podcast for my local Shadowrun 4 game and I was curious as to what equipment you use and where you host your files and so forth. I've been having rather good results using my IPhone to record with a program called IProRecorder. I've been looking at hosting fees and bandwidth estimates and I figured it can't hurt to ask questions. Also how does one get linked in through Itunes? Is there anything special you need to do that or just submit to them?

    Also I don't suppose Biscuit hires out for artwork?

  7. @Eiredrake: We've had a lot of comments sad to see Dark Heresy take a break for a while. Hey, it's us, we'll make Mouse Guard fun, I promise!

    You've prompted me to make a 'minions' email, thanks!

    Also, concerning Biscuit hiring out for commissions, I can almost guarantee he *will* do it. I know he has in the past.

    As far as the tech-specs go, I'll let Duck Sauce field that on!


  8. Hey, I just wanted you guys to that you DO have an avid listener in Philly. Episode 7, by far was the funnest round the horn I've listened to. I can honestly say that I could listen to you guys bullshit all day. I reviewed your show on Itunes and said Little Gyro hogs the mic. it was mostly in gest. Mostly :). You guys are bad ass and if you ever did go through and decide to skype in a player, please put my name in the hat. - Scot (mugs) Mogilewski (