Saturday, March 12, 2011

Episode 30: Fiasco in the Wild West

Episode 30: Fiasco in the Wild West
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Hosts: Duck Sauce, Gyro, Flounder, Biscuit

Danger and intrigue abound deep in the Wild West. The hosts try a second helping of the new cooperative story-building role-playing game in Fiasco. This is becoming a favorite new ground for the intrepid hosts as they venture forth again into a Cohen Brothers-esque rpg with a tagline that reads, "With great ambition and poor impulse control." By direction of Duck Sauce, "no aliens, no robots, no monsters." By the end of the game, you've got one heck of a story too. Enjoy!

Show Notes:
  • Fiasco Actual Play RPG
  • More award-winning banter than you can shake a mule at


  1. Another good podcast. This game sounds very cool, I just need to find some other people who would be interested in playing it.

  2. Thanks guys, as always it was fun recording. Meatball, the best thing is that Fiasco's pretty much a pick-up game with little to no time investment to get rolling.