Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our First Contest Entry!

Pinto Jake takes the lead...

I was as surprised as you are to see this entry come across the Minions news desk. You may or may not remember there's a contest going on people! Well Jake here remembered, and sent in this pic of himself in what looks like one of our 'Mouse Patrol' shirts.

Good on ya Jake! But let's see if we can give you a little competition, aye? All right folks, send in those contest pics to minionsofthemonstermaster 'at' gmail 'dot' com! Who knows when the next episode will be, so you've either got a couple of weeks, or just a few days!

Official MotMM Swag Contest


  1. Nice!

    I hope you're looking forward to seeing yourself minionized. I know I'm looking forward to drawing it!

  2. It's the only far! He's easily got this thing locked down, but we'll see if any others come in this week.