Friday, April 30, 2010

Minions Banner Button

How about a little MotMM goodness to garnish the side of the platter that is your own blog? With the directions below, you'll be able to add a banner button such as above to wherever you see fit. Never mind the fact that it spreads the word, it just plain looks cool!

Here you go:
  1. Right-click and save the above image
  2. On your blog's Dashboard go to "Layout"
  3. Click on "Add Gadget"
  4. Choose "Picture"
  5. Add the saved image from above
  6. Add the following information as the link:
And voila, that's all it takes. The width of the image is 175pixels, but you can always edit this number in the HTML code if you like to make it larger or smaller. These are written for Blogger blogs of course, but they should be able to be modified to work with pretty much whatever blog service you fancy. As always, we thank you the readers for your support!


  1. I saw that button on I See Lead People just this evening, pretty swanky stuff there my friend!