Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Model's Eye View

Flounder makes his in-sight check, literally

This last game night I was able to pull off some candid shots of some of the hosts getting their LOS groove on. We were playing a Two Hour Wargame, and as you may or may not know, a large mechanic deals with reactionary shooting. This is all based on the in-sight test, and that requires line-of-sight, thanks to this we got a lot of squinting and checking. I was able to snap off many of these without anyone realizing what I was doing (obviously).

Duck Sauce lines up his [EDIT: MG-34!]

Bi3cuit gets uncomfortably close to help Pinto, ahem, line up his shot

Bi3cuit kicking out the product placement in the background

Pinto sidles into a terrain shot, I didn't see this 'til I downloaded the pics!

Checking out flanks and cross-fires

A female tommy gunner guards the font of golden elixir


  1. Lol ..... I can imagine the photos you didn't post ...

  2. Major fail, Gyro! Any real wargamer would see that's clearly an MG-34.

  3. Very nice...I didn't know pinto had a handle.

  4. @Duck Sauce: Arrrgh! Fixt!

    @T-Bone: Three words: Decision Making Committee!

    @Joe: You don't want to know!

  5. Where is Biscuit's left hand, and why is Pinto smiling so big?