Friday, March 5, 2010

Family Chemistry

A comment from Eli on our chemistry at the table sparked me to reflect on the history of the podcast hosts in gaming. Consider this:

Mystery Meat*, Chico Sticks** and Lil' Gyro have been gaming together for, I believe, 23 years.

I (T-bone), first gamed with Lil' Gyro and Mystery Meat on Superbowl Sunday, 2001, almost 20 years ago. Lil' Gyro blew up New Jersey and ended the campaign the very first night.***

Lil' Gyro, Duck Sauce and I played in a Bloodbowl League, starting around 1995, I think.****

Although we didn't start gaming with Americano until later, we have known him through a mutual friend since roughly 1990. (Bief!)

So Eli, our chemistry comes from 20 years of gaming together, hanging together, in many cases living together, drinking each other's beer, sleeping with each other's wives...wait, I've said too much...


Great post T-Bone, I'll throw in a few tweaks, just for posterity:

*Little Gyro has been rolling dice with Mystery Meat a shockingly long amount of time, going all the way back to fourth grade with Twilight 2000 and moving on to classic D&D, and classic Battletech (except back then we just called it "Battletech"). So that's 25 years of gaming together.

**Little Gyro met Chicko Stick during Gyro's junior year in high school, and began gaming instantly with Rogue Trader and AD&D. So there's another 20 year gaming relationship.

***That's just bad game mastering. Don't blame the player, blame the lazy GM!

****That Blood Bowl league actually started in 1994, but we had played Necromunda and Star Grunt II even prior to that with Duck Sauce, so there's another seventeen years right there.


  1. I started similarly with some of my games. But I haven't been gaming in any one place long enough to have that kinda history. We moved around a lot.

    I started officially in D&D basic boxed set with the crappy dice you had to crayon on to see the numbers. But technically before that me and a group of middle schoolers created our own system using two d6 for everything. We called it futuria. It was basically a combination of every saturday morning and afterschool cartoon world. Wanna play a teenaged mutant ninja transformer (actually I don't think TMNT existed yet) sure! I remember someone playing a Jetson and several GI Joes. I was something like 8-10 years old. Then we went to AD&D 2nd. My favorite game is still Shadowrun, with CoC a close second.

  2. Yeah, I've been gaming for 30 years but all my long-time players are also long gone with the exception of my current group of board gamers who occasionally indulges in RPG and minis.

    My buddy Iken and I have been gaming in one form or another for the last 14 years or so and still going. He's the last of the old group that I still roll dice with.

    I too am "old".