Thursday, March 4, 2010

Episode 8: Mouse Guard Character Creation

Mouse Guard cover art from the RPG book...

Episode 8: Mouse Guard Character Creation

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Little Gyro, Biscuit, and T-Bone

Show Notes:
Tonight is a light session of making characters for the Mouse Guard roleplaying game! Our upcoming campaign will feature the furry friends and their adventures in the mouse territories. Look for up and coming original artwork from host, Biscuit!


  1. Listened to Episode 6 through 8 (still have to go back throug hthe older ones) and I have to say that the podcast is most entertaining. To be honest, what I enjoy the most is your intro, round table and the commentary before the actual play sessions.

    Keep up the good work and thanks guys for sucking me into podcasts!


  2. BTW, a May 16, 2006 National Geographic story confirms that Grizzlies and Polar Bears are hybridizing.

  3. We get a lot of positive comments about 'Around the Horn' and such. There's definitely a line drawn between actual play podcasts, and discussion ones, we kinda straddle both.

    I'm shocked you've made it far enough to even mention the Polar/Grizzlies issue! Thanks for the heads up...

  4. Made it far enough? This last session was really enjoyable. You guys have good chemistry as a group.

  5. "...Grizzlies and Polar Bears are hybridizing."

    I'm getting aroused...

  6. Damnit... now I've got Rush stuck in my head....and I'm probably the one person in America that doesn't like Rush.

    Also: 'Genital Access Fursuit', yeah that's a link I think I'll be avoiding. Thanks tho.

  7. re: Grizzlies

    There is a small zoo out here called the Catoctin Mountain zoo. Basically some yahoo decided to acquire animals and put them on a small piece of land up in the mountains. One of the things this group had when I went there was a full sized Kodiak (though I note I do not see the bear currently on their website) aka Grizzly Bear. Last time I was there I was about 26 or something.

    Sitting on it's couch sized ass it was taller than I was standing up by at least a foot and probably weighed about as much as the car I drove at the time. It followed me with it's head the whole time I was near it's pen. Snuffling and licking it's rather large chops...and there it sat with, not even in a big pit with a moat... with only a measly fence made of aluminum bars with a sign that said "Don't feed the bear". I guess those guys thought it was funny.

    It was so bloody unnerving to have such a large predator looking at me with that look that Buggs and Elmer get when they see each other as hot dogs because they're hungry that I had to leave.

    If I saw one in the wild I would probably wet myself before it killed and ate me. Assuming I had the time. As I understand it they can run pretty fast.

    And now these things are mating with Polar bears?

    Wonderful. I'm glad I live in Maryland where the biggest predator we have to deal with is the average Baltimore gang member.

  8. I dunno who'd I rather mess with, a Kodiak or Omar Little from the Wire...

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