Sunday, January 17, 2010

Episode 6: Dark Heresy, Animus Hereticus session 4

Episode 6: Dark Heresy, Animus Hereticus session 4

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Little Gyro, Americano, Mystery Meat, Biscuit
Guest Host via Skype: T-Bone

Show Notes:
  • Introductions
  • Around the Horn
  • Movie Musings
  • Podcasting Tech
  • The Gamer Sweetspot
  • New Minions Shoutout
  • Podcast Reviews
  • Working the (game) craft
  • Dark Heresy actual play
Technically this session of Dark Heresy is session number five. Last time, on the same night we recorded the 3:16 one-shot, we also recorded episode number four...or so we thought. Just when we thought we had worked out all the newbie kinks, we go and end up not recording show at all! The little red light was on, we thought we hit record, oh well. It was a fun game, the only consolation for you is that session number four was a tad brief.

The adventure continues with tonight's game as our acolytes further investigate the trail of heretical weapons on the pleasure world of Quaddis. Following an assassination attempt on their lives, the agents are bordering on paranoia and the tension builds. With their nobility cover status solidified, they make contact with the government official whose name has come up in their inquiries, and who has the channels to move large quantities of the illegal goods. They proceed from their with an offer of help from an unlikely source.

"Pull OVER, official Arbites business!"


  1. Another fun listen. Nice try with the Plasma Cannon.


  2. Another great episode, and remember that slapping someone will always stop them choking.

  3. Great stuff! Extremely entertaining! I hope you keep doing dark
    heresy games.

  4. Love the podcast guys. Highly entertaining. I listen to it during my 45m-1hr commute. I've recommended it to my three gaming groups. You've gotten me interested in Dark Heresy (i lost interest in 40k very quickly in the early 90's when I saw how much money a decent army cost). I love the NPC from Sephiris Secundus. He cracks me up.

    I'm going to talk to my groups (we play shadowrun 4th, Call of Chtulhu, Star Wars and Deadlands mostly) to see if they're interested in starting a podcast if only to chronicle our adventures for our own remembrances. You guys are role models, whoa.

    I just have one request. Can you perhaps normalize your podcasts before you post them? I ask because Duck Sauce is REALLY loud but I can barely hear the GM and the tech priest. So if I turn it up loud enough to hear the GM - Duck Sauce blasts my ears out the next time he speaks up.

    Also the tech priest's voice sounds really familiar. Whenever I get a good listen I wonder if I haven't met him at a con or something.

    Keep up the good work and all hail the Emperor!

  5. Wow. Can I just say I am simply *shocked* that people actually listen to the podcast! We'll have to remember to address all these comments on the next show!

    Thanks for all the comments everyone, keep 'em coming!

  6. I'm only posting because i heard my name! I also had to say... Er.. well sorta i almost commented on cock soup too....


    but managed to contain myself. I do enjoy the podcast as well, geekery is always good though in my book.

    Minions of the Monster Master, also big in Montana.

  7. Oh, snap! Thanks badmaguppy!

  8. Caught the latest episode. Had fun listening. I've never really caught the podcast bug, but this could certainly change that.