Monday, November 16, 2009

New Logo

ask and you shall receive...

We number an eclectic bunch of hombrés within the Minions; a school teacher, a social worker, a nuclear engineer, an network admin, and a graphic artist. The latter coming through in spades with the new, official logo you see above. This is a 'freebie' for Biscuit, since he's not signed up as an author...yet, I'll show it off for him!

a comparison between my sketch and his final version

I've dabbled in art all my life, but never had any formal training (other than a couple of ceramics classes and a painting class). I can basically get what's in my head down on paper to a fair degree, and its usually gaming and everything related to it that gets my creative juices flowing.

For the logo it looks like Biscuit (Chri3) went to this sketch for the basis of the monster master himself. It's pretty cool to see this all come together, and I'm glad he picked this one 'cause I really liked the idea of the staff in there. It's truly uncanny how he's captured the nuances of my sketches and cranked out this finished piece.

I'm hoping this blog will take off as a place for Chri3 to display some of the stuff he's working on, we can all get some inspiration from it.


  1. Amazing work, both on the sketch and the conversion!

  2. Yeah, it's even more exciting when you see it pop up on iTunes! Thanks guys, Chri3 really came through for us...