Saturday, November 14, 2009

Logo Sketches for the Show

What's a show without a logo?

I've been cranking out some sketches for the 'Minions' podcast on iTunes, as well as one for the blog. These are merely sketches mind you, and we'll wait on our resident artist, Biscuit, to get his claws into these and see what he comes up with.

Here's an HTML code below to add a 'Minions' badge to your own blog! Surprisingly enough, we've amassed some blog followers, so why not use this badge and spread the word on your own blogs! Hopefully you can just copy and paste it...

...and thanks to the HTML/RSS coding skills of Duck Sauce, when you visit the Minions podcast page out of iTunes, you'll find us, placeholder logo and all!


  1. Looking good, liking the Cthulu vibe. I've added the badge to my blog, but you can't just copy and paste it, so I poached some code from Ron's FTW group widget and came up with this... or at least I tried to, but the comments field wouldn't allow me to post the HTML... Give me an e-mail address and I'll send it over...

  2. Thanks itkovian, just send it to and I'll post it here. Saw it on your blog but it wouldn't let me post a comment!