Sunday, February 23, 2014

The New Face of Star Bastards

New characters, new campaign, new episodes...all in the works. Last night we made characters and jumped right into the adventure. Left to right up top; Chico Sticks rolled up a human scoundrel/pilot who learned their trade in the military but couldn't stomach the beaurocracy of it all and went AWOL. Gyro rolled up a Trandoshan (Bossk race) muscle bound mercenary who swings first and worries about the details later. Americano is playing a first generation Mandalorian clone whose destiny was scrapped in favor of the more obedient Fett line, he's a little bitter. T-Bone is playing a very cautious Mon Calamari who tentatively acts as the group's negotiator and front man. Finally is Biscuit's Jawa/Battle Droid combo that plays not unlike a split personality/old married couple. 

We're using the FATE derivative, FATE Accelerated. It may be streamlined but it's got it where it counts. We breezed through character creation and were knee-deep in the adventure in no time, and that's after a couple of hours of pre-game pizza, beer, and snack shopping. All in all it was great to get everyone (mostly, Mystery Meat was missing in action) together at the table and recording again. Rock on. 


  1. Good to see you guys doing a fate game. This system I am extremely interested in, so I will definitely give it a listen.

    1. Hopefully, for your sake, we'll get this one posted in a much more timely manner!