Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Good Comm and Telemetry

So with all of the talk lately of new episodes, old episodes being unearthed, new horizons of teamwork, and what-not I thought I would share at least what's in the pipeline to date.  Mind you, this is all there is folks.  Including the episode of Pathfinder that just posted the other day, this is it as of this writing.  Note it does include what we recorded just the other night too, so really we're in pretty good shape.  There's some editing that needs to take place, and other little technical tweaks, but I'm confident these will well on their way to your libraries sooner than later.  Famous last words?  I hope not!
Episode 74; August 17th, Icons Superhero RPG
Episode 75; September 21st; Fiasco Dragon Slayers
Episode 76; December 10th; Around the Horn, Scheduling Discussions, General Malaise
Episode 77; February 22nd; Star Bastards Character Creation and Intro Adventure


  1. looking forward to hearing Star Bastards

  2. Replies
    1. Mark, hey! We're still here brother! Getting some episodes online...and soon! Star Bastards is go!

    2. Hey there - I totally forgot that this blog existed and emailed Gyro via his blog (which for some reason I remembered first....).

      Well, I'm really only here to see if the podcast is... Erm... Well, in a word - dead (*knock on wood*).

      I really enjoy the podcast, and if it's gone it'll be sorely missed.

    3. I got your email, it was great! So well written I marked it to respond to later in a proper fashion that it deserved. Of course, that meant it was lost in the shuffle. Cheap replies in real life trump good intentions all the time.

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