Thursday, May 30, 2013

Episodes 69 and 70 Imminent

By the weekend it's a good bet that you'll have not one, but two new Minions episodes for your listening pleasure. 

Episode 69 features Woodford, friend and guest auxiliary minion sitting in and doing some Around the Horn. We also answer some listener mail which generates a good deal of further gaming conversation. 

Episode 70 is fresh off the press; we just finished recording it last night. We kick back into Pathfinder gear with more elf-on-elf action getting a rise out of the Runelords. The above photo is from that session. 

So stay tuned true believers, more inane banter is headed your way!


  1. Not to sound entitled, but...

    ...about damn time! ;-)

  2. Thanks for reading my email. Funny enough the last name is a old French surname derived from tumbler. Meaning I am descended from circus folk or more appropriately carnie folk. So glad to see (and hear) some more MotMM podcasts.

    Also the group I game with goes by FOHMR. Full On Hillbilly Man Rape. It came from our paintball days when we played out in the sticks. Yes banjo music was included.

    Keep up the funny human.