Saturday, April 6, 2013

Episodes 61-65: Bunches of Pathfinder and Some Dark Heresy

T-Bone; GM and Big Sandwich Afficionado

Hosts:  Everybody but the Auxiliary Minions

Five episodes!  Five!  Who's been running this ship?  Is the captain dead at the wheel?  Nobody knows!  I know, I guess, since I'm the guy who is responsible for the web presence to accompany the podcast.  Obviously I've bee a bit slacking, what have we been up to though?  I suspect many of you automatically subscribe to the show, so you're really not waiting on these posts to go and get your episodes, but still, it's nice to have if for nothing other than posterity.  Let's start with the first of the bunch:

Episode 61:  We finally conclude the Mass Effect story arc using the Rogue Space rules!

Episode 62:  We make characters for a new, mid-week Pathfinder Fantasy RPG!

Episode 63:  We throw those freshly made Pathfinder characters into Rise of the Runelords!

Episode 64:  SHEER MADNESS!  In addition to Pathfinder we start a new Dark heresy campaign!

Episode 65:  More Pathfinder campaign hijinks in the Rise of the Runelords adventure path!

Wow!  As you can see, we've been busy, and that's just what's been dropped to the feed.  We also have an episode #66 ready to go in the can that will be even more Pathfinder goodness.  Hopefully I'm back on track now and when it goes live I'll be here to give it its own post like we should be doing.  Until then, rock on!


  1. I look good with a Panini in my hand...

    1. I was doing a random image search and found some pics of you with a Panini in your mouth.

  2. Hey guys. I was having issues downloading the newest episodes of your show from itunes. Is it just me or is this widespread. Awesome show btw. You guys are awesome :)