Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Episode 49; Alpha Wolfpack Playtest Session #2

Episode 49: iTunes
Episode 49: Non-iTunes

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Gyro, Mystery Meat, Biscuit, and Pad Prik

Show Notes:
  • Part Two!
  • The "which episode is it?" discussion
  • The no-dinner dinner break
  • On to the actual play...
In what may be the absolute shortest "pre-game" warm-up in Minions history we continue to playtest the alpha version of our Alpha Wolfpack RPG rules. This is part two of last episode recorded earlier in the day. Let's get to it!



  1. After listening to the last few podcasts, I feel the need to invent the Minions of the Monster Master Drinking Game

    Take a drink if:
    - Duck Sauce has to overdub the episode number
    - The hosts have been pre-drinking
    - The hosts use a real name instead of the moniker
    - the hosts talk about their dick
    - Gyro or Duck Sauce interrupt T-Bone
    - Duck Sauce is GMing
    - someone says "nothing" on around the horn
    - That same person interjects with something they've been doing
    - Gyro hates something or someone
    - There's a five star review read on air
    - Biscuit can't be heard
    - Gyro and Duck Sauce try and rape something.
    - Gyro interrupts someone in Around the Horn

    Take two drinks if:
    - T-Bone is GMing
    - An Auxiliary Host is on
    - one of the hosts is "so close" to having their minis done
    - A new project is mentioned
    - Anyone bought anything from the store
    - Skyrim is mentioned
    - The hosts start drinking on the podcast
    - Duck Sauce laughs at his own joke

    Finish your drink if:
    - Gyro is GMing
    - Around the Horn goes by in less than 15 minutes

    Finish the drink and take two shots if:
    - Gyro stays on topic for 5 minutes
    - Biscuit is the loudest member of the cast

    Add more as desired