Friday, April 6, 2012

Episode 47; Alpha Wolfpack Character Generation

Episode 47: iTunes
Episode 47: Non-iTunes

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Gyro, Biscuit, and Pad Prik

Show Notes:
  • The Return of Pad Prik
  • A Different Opportunity; Making an RPG
  • The Origins of Alpha Wolfpack
  • Reminiscing on those old games
  • Gyro's Homeless-Mountain Man Beard and his former Mohawk Antics
  • Minions Housekeeping
  • General Access Weasel Suits
  • Shipping Those Prizes
  • Other Bookkeeping: Reviews, T-Shirt Sales, and What-Not
  • iTunes Wonderings
  • Duck Sauce's Online Fiasco Listener Episode Shout-Out
  • Obligatory Eli Skype Mention
  • EDIT: Biscuit speaks, moreso than usual!
  • On to the actual play...
Despite the odds stacked against this episode, somehow we manage to keep it on the the rails. As the show notes state, Pad Prik has got an idea and that idea is to make our very own roleplaying game. Like, for realz. I commend his tenacity with keeping this episode together because we're a little more punchy than usual. So this is the character creation session and general brainstorming in the first of many. Let's get to it!



  1. Minions, I salute you!

    PS: I want in on that Fiasco game ;)

  2. LOL, I've become obligatory?

    It was a cool session and I very much enjoyed listening to you all talk about games of old. I used to run a Colonial Marines game too back when the Star Wars D6 was fresh and used that system to do some pretty cool adventures.

    Have to say that my Mohawk experiences have been similar.

    Pad Prik has to be a saint to put up with you all though. I also think you need show notes for more words spoken by Biscuit, outside of real play, than in any other episode :)


    1. Maybe "compulsory" would've been a better term!

  3. Do you guys still need my address to ship me that mini?

    1. And <3 for the shout out, despite the fact you guys can't pronounce the fucking name

  4. Duck Sauce, there is no I in team so play ball or sit out the game ;D

    1. I know at least one comment that's getting read next episode!

  5. >Duck Sauce, there is no I in team...

    As a great philosopher once said, "Ain't no 'WE,' either."

  6. I'm sorry I think it was Gyro who kept crying about being commander.

  7. Replies
    1. Hey, we were playtesting!

    2. We weren't playtesting Deathwatch, now were we?

  8. Damn son, Got ya there. Plus you guys still haven't played the game I sent you.