Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last Chance for a Storm Wardens Shirt

That's right folks, the awesome Storm Wardens t-shirt designed by our very own Biscuit, used in the awesome charity army build by Santa Cruz Warhammer to benefit Doctors Without Borders is not long for this world.

This is your last chance to order one as I'm guessing there's about a 24-hour expiration date...starting now! Remember, we make ZERO money off of these shirts.

Here's one of our listeners now! Tristan of GWPertinent is sporting his Storm Wardens shirt in style while posing alongside one of the Emperor's Finest. As a side note, his shirt here is actually a little different, it's just the image. The remaining shirts have text on them as you see below.

So that's about all there is to it, the image you see here, on a white t-shirt. Less than a day to go, and the reason we are getting rid of this item is so we can add a new shirt...to be revealed soon! Enjoy!

Get Your Shirt Now!