Thursday, November 10, 2011

Second Anniversary and the Third Season

Both events, the third season of the podcast, as well as our second year anniversary, crept up on us like a ninja in the night, stabbing us in the necks!

So, Halloween marks the show's beginning and we were all surprised after last episode that another one was upon us. So yeah, two years. Wow. Of course another season is in order, so the last Deathwatch episode you heard was the end of season two. Just last night we recorded an impromptu world creation session of Microscope, so look for that to kick off season three. We're working on a new intro as well.

Oh, and we added a new host to boot.


  1. Sweet stuff guys.

    Congrats on two years

  2. Excellent. Glad to hear the fun continues!

  3. Dudes, I'm totally gonna climb that mountain - 2nd from the right...

  4. She's certainly not photo-shopped!