Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Episode 34: Deathwatch v2.0, Game Two

Episode 34: Deathwatch v2.0, Game One
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Hosts: Gyro, Biscuit, T-Bone, Americano, Chick-o-Sticks, and Duck Sauce

Our second game of Fantasy Flight's Deathwatch, concluding our planet-drop introductory mission. The squad has no less than four mission objectives to complete, will they be able to overcome chapter rivalries and learn to work together as a team to accomplish them?

The Mechanicus Magos is still missing dirtside, amidst a swarming Tyranid invasion. Boltgun kill-counters are still primed, awaiting for the proposed number of aliens sworn to die at the hands of the marines. An Imperial Guard commissar has been rescued, but getting the frail human off the planet alive is another task entirely, and finally, the data-core itself, the marines' primary objective, has yet to be recovered.

Note: Due to technical difficulties we only recorded a little less than the first two hours out of a five hour session.


  1. Very cool guys, I like how you handled needing to change the rules so that everyone gets a mini - classy! Much classier than spilling a bevvy on carpet ;)

    Who doesn't like a surprise! I will figure out what chapter I want, and I'll get a pic of me at Chaos Cup wearing the T-shirt and record an acceptance speech for ya. :)

  2. I had to go out and buy a sippy cup for my beer. Sad..

  3. One of you mentioned an excellent, hoppy, local Atlanta beer. There's a good chance you were having a Sweetwater 420 - that's the main local brew.