Sunday, January 2, 2011

Episode 28: Holiday Around the Horn

Episode 28: Three Hosts go Around the Horn for the Holidays
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Hosts: Duck Sauce, T-Bone, and Gyro

Duck Sauce and Gyro are joined intimately by T-Bone in this holiday special. These three stalwart gamers hang out and go around the horn for your listening pleasure. There's no actual play, just the three of them hanging out and shooting the breeze. It's an action-packed episode for not having any semblance of a plan, the topics are below, enjoy!

Show Notes:


  1. Good podcast. I particularly like "Well it's not my cup of tea but When The Navy Walked is a cool name for a ruleset and The ArmChair General gave us a copy of the rules before they even came out so we'll give it a go." hahaha.

  2. Who the hell is in this picture. Sure as hell ain't us!

  3. Ha! I threatened you I would post it! On the far left as most people know, is Duck Sauce, I'm on the far right, and that's T-Bone in the middle. This was actually taken just prior to recording this last episode.

    @Armchair General: Just the genre! You should know that WWII was even LESS of my cup of tea genre-wise until I actually got a few games under my belt, so who knows? Maybe WtNW might convert me!

    In all seriousness though, we here at the Minions do owe WtNW its due.

    And the Minions always pay their debts.

  4. I like you guys' christmas sweaters. You guys have clearly worked out since Fall In!

  5. Holy crap! I remember the first time I played Shining Force (awesome game btw). My friend had rented it and I stay over his house and played it for 12+ hours straight! Don't know if you remember, but when you could move your people it left this flashing pattern to show where they could go. I played that game for so freaking long that when I finally tried to go to sleep, I'd close my eyes and just see these flashing lights. Finally passed out from exhaustion but man that game was worth it. Oh, and Xenophobe was another awesome one. Really nothing fancy but man was it fun to play.

    Oh yeah, and the podcast was pretty good too. Looking forward to more Minion goodness in the future.

  6. I played hours upon hours of Starflight while listening to the Police's Outlandous d'Amour and Regatta de Blanc. I still can't hear an early Police song without flashbacks of mining Molybdenum. I will never, ever forget the definition of "obsequious" thanks to that game.

  7. How did you guys like our podcasts of the games? I still need to get a multidirectional mic.

  8. Hey guys I just wanted to say great podcast. I have been trying to get caught up on them all from the beginning, but I decided to jump to the end and listen to this one tonight while painting. I just wanted you all to know I have enjoyed every episode so far, and they are always great for a laugh.

    Thanks for the mention in the podcast and I agree I do love my banner, not sure about 2nd best, but I will defer to the professionals :P

    Just wanted to throw in my most memorable video game moment and it was the first time I ever played Dragon's Lair. It was the original laser disc game that came out in 1983 and I spent almost every night of a summer vacation on the Cape May NJ. boardwalk blowing all the money I could get from my parents playing this game. It was the most addicting game I ever played. In the early 90's the SEGA Genesis came out with a CD attachment and one of the first games for it was Dragons Lair and I stood in line for hours to be one of the first to own it. Easily one of my favorite video games ever!

  9. Not relating to this episode but I can't find the email address for the show so I'm just posting it here. Did you guys know that you can get a PDF of Legends of Anglerre from DriveThruRPG for $11 until the 17th of January? Yeah, it's a PDF and not a hard copy but its a cheap way for everyone to get a copy of the rules.

  10. Thanks Snowman! That's actually very fortunate timing since we all need the book, and soon. It may just be an electronic copy like you said, but it'll get the job nonetheless.

    I don't know what happened to our email address either:

  11. Hehe! Having only listened to the first four (five?) episodes so far I could still pick out Gyro in that picture. Just seemed like that voice would go together with a face like that.

    Enjoying the podcast very much! It's like listening to my own gaming group, but in English. I found you via Warrant of Trade and I'm glad I did. Keep it up!