Sunday, November 7, 2010

Biscuit's Weekly Art Posting 0022

It looks like another minion fell to the ever-growing Zed army.


  1. Gyro should be working on his patented technique of generating your minion name as well.

  2. I like that the upper and lower half are still connected with intestines.

  3. Wow ..... cool. Now I have to aim at two parts of the zombie ? Is that on the same roll or two separate ones ?

  4. I think if you take a shot at his lower half you have a chance of severing those intestines which would make him a faster hungrier Z!

  5. I hereby dub him "Meatball".

    BJ Honeycutt was a character on one of my favorite shows, M*A*S*H.

    A M*A*S*H unit in general is known for their "meatball" surgery.

    In the picture his intestines look like noodles and sauce.

    'Meatball' qualifies as it is a food name.

  6. I like it "Meatball" I will have to start using that as my online name now :P