Sunday, October 10, 2010

31 Days of the Walking Dead - Day 10

Oh that Hitler. He just can't take a hint. You would think after getting his comeuppance at the hands of the Bear Jew he would just stay dead. But what kind of world class villain would he be if he did? On day ten Hitler and his undead legion rise from the dead to unleash their undying prejudice on the living.
**(WARNING: the linked video is quite graphic; ENJOY)**

I can't say that I am as fond of historical miniatures gaming as I am of fantasy and horror. But throw these 28mm figures on the table and I will be at Gyro's house before the phone even hangs up! Reaper's zombie, or Kroid according to some of their links, models sport some great detail from the bullet hole in Hitler's (Hinzler's) noggin to the intestines spilling out of good ole' Hans' abdomen. Its time to kill some Nazis. Hey DONNY!

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