Thursday, October 28, 2010

Now We Can Claim We're "Award Winning"!

Sci-Fi Media, explorers of all things science fiction, just awarded us Minions with the annual "Your Blog Horrifies Me" Halloween award! This is in no small part of course to Host Biscuit's stalwart task to daily count down Halloween and the Walking Dead television show.

So, rock on to those guys (and to us to an extent) and you can bet next time we're on the air, you can be assured we'll graciously accept this and not flaunt it at all!


  1. Well deserved for a entertaining month of zombies. Can't wait for Sunday night.

  2. Congratulations and well deserved, I have enjoyed reading the daily posts!

  3. You can read all about it on our award-winning website.

    You know what, we should give Sci-Fi media a award for "Best award-giving Science Fiction Website."