Monday, October 25, 2010

31 Days of the Walking Dead - Day 25

It's day twenty-five and the Old West just got a whole lot more dangerous.
with the Undead Nightmare expansion for

Undead Nightmare will not actually be released until tomorrow but it can only be pure gold. Red Dead Redemption is such a phenomenal game on its own that adding zombies to it can only result in me having to change into a cleaner, and looser, pair of pants.

In Red Dead Redemption you play as John Marston; a notorious outlaw given a chance to live the good life if he is able to bring down the other members of his former gang. In true Rockstar fashion you're given free roaming capabilities of a sandbox western to make questionable decisions of a moral nature. You've also got a horse and a bevy of weapons at your disposal to track down bounties, aid the local law enforcement, hunt for buried treasures, and hunt wildlife.

Undead Nightmare adds a new stand-alone campaign and plenty of quests to explore. There are new foes in the forms of different types of zombies. You've got all the stereotypical zombies present in traditional western garb; you've got the regular slowbies, the runners, the slow-but-tough big guys, and the acrid spitting Zed's that launch vial vomit attacks. You might might even catch and undead cougar or bear lurking around... You even get to pimp your ride Zompocalypse-style with any one of the four horses of the apocalypse, each with their own trademark awesomeness. But wait theres more! You say you want some zombie bait to lure them deadheads out into the open? Check your bag. You want holy water grenades? You got it. How about a weapon that shoots bits of zombies at other zombies? It's there too. You can actually scavenge the corpses of all your hard earned headshots for chunks and pieces to jam down into a blunderbuss to headshot some more Z's.

Join me tomorrow in pulling up a stagecoach and raining some lead on the recently risen.


  1. Deadlands meets night of the living dead. I like it!

  2. I'm really psyched about it! I enjoyed red dead quite a bit.