Thursday, October 21, 2010

31 Days of the Walking Dead - Day 21

Its day twenty-one and as of course with any Zompocalypse, your house is under attack.
Good thing you've got a few plays of
under your belt... right? Right?!


Good thing you've got this post and hopefully you took a
4-H Horticulture class in high school, right?...


This is complex stuff people! Okay. Good thing you get to enjoy the ride to hell with this game clenched in your cold dead fingers. The game mechanics are simple; strategically place plants about your yard, pool, roof, where-have-you to ward off incoming waves of zombies. As the battle of fauna versus the undead wages on you'll be privy to special tools and plants to compete against the zombie side's own increasing specialties. To quote one of the game's hilarious, at least to me, one-liners; "Get ready to soil your plants!"


  1. This game is indeed fun. Played it on an iPad at the apple store.

  2. We've been playing the demo version on XBox Live, I admit it's pretty clever.

  3. This is an awesome game! I downloaded this one from Yahoo Games a long time ago and the whole family loves to play it to this day. I even downloaded the MP3 of "Zombies on My Lawn" for my daughter because she loves it so much.

  4. I know your type, tall, dark and dead...