Tuesday, October 19, 2010

31 Days of the Walking Dead - Day 19

Tired of zombie miniatures yet?
Well I'm not! Its day nineteen. Check out these

The sprues Mantic has to offer showcase some great variety compared to other sets available. There is a newly awakened Zed bursting from the ground, a few headless moaners, and even one that is just some legs and a spinal cord... okay, I don't know how those last ones work out exactly but I don't care. They are just plain awesome! The poses of all the other zombies reaching and groping over each other just scream their inner yearning of that sweet tasty gray matter.


  1. Love this mini ...... he would have a nice place in my post apoc setting I am dreaming up ....

  2. Yes Sir .... I am checking out rule systems and looking at minis as we speak. FATE and Savage Worlds are probably going to be used ...

    Hit up my blog .... its a design in progress .... the game that is ...

  3. The Mantic Zombies look great, as do many of their Undead. I really like what they are doing with their Undead and Elves, although I have been underwhelmed by the dwarves I've seen from them. If I was doing a big fantasy army for any reason, I'd definitely give Mantic a good look.