Sunday, October 17, 2010

31 Days of the Walking Dead - Day 17

On day seventeen Zed just wants a hug... KABOOM!
No more man-love embraces, sorry Gyro, when the
are around.

What's not to love about a zombie carting an F'ing naval mine around in his pelvic girdle?! Just thinking about one of these bad-asses barreling down on his enemy makes me all warm and tingly inside. Incursion's other zombie minis aren't to be taken lightly either; but lets be honest. After a Bomberzombie hits your front lines you're gonna wish you perished in the explosion rather than just losing your legs so you have to crawl away in agonizing despair as a Sturmzombie comes at you like you were the last bit of tasty flesh on the battlefield. Kick those gushing nubs!!! Hey look. Another Bomberzombie...


  1. Gretel von X can whip me with that riding crop anytime, you know what I mean? But not for $8.50. That's just CRAZY!