Wednesday, October 13, 2010

31 Days of the Walking Dead - Day 13

On day thirteen. Its the Apocalypse!!!
Okay, its not really the Apocalypse but
offers a preview of what is to come to satiate your curiosity.

To start off Zombie Apocalypse is very similar to my last post, I Made a Game with Zombies in it!!! 1, minus the catchy song. However this rendition of zombie-killing mayhem has far better graphics and actually has environment-specific gameplay. No matter which of the seven levels you are playing in you can make the most of your designated arena. Say your at the airport.

I'm at the airport.

There is a helicopter ready for lift-off and its blades are dangerously close to turning you into a fashionable two-piece. You successfully navigate your character into a safer position, but wait! OH NO! The horde of zombies that were trailing you are now also in danger of the whirling blades. F'em. Sit back, blast away at some other Z-bags and watch as that flying machine rips them to shreds. That is just one example of the environmentally based death traps that await those that are too ill-fated, or better yet too mindless, to avoid these pitfalls littered about the levels. You also have an arsenal of eleven kill-implicated weapons to put to good use. And when those run out of fuel, ammo, finger-clicking-enthusiasm, or etcetera? Well, your base weapon is gassed-up-and-ready-to-go-F'ing chainsaw!

This game is a good play, downloadable through Playstation Network and/or Xbox Live and available for a ten-spot. If that seems like a lot, you will not be missing much if you decide to pass on this game, but, if you've got Alexander Hamilton sitting in your pocket and ready to go for a good romp of killing some Zeds you shornt be disappointed.

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