Thursday, October 7, 2010

31 Days of the Walking Dead - Day 07

These ain't no everyday zombies. No sir. These Zeds can run!
Day seven might be your last if your flashlight runs out of batteries
while playing this first-person shooter.

In Left 4 Dead, you play as one of four survivors looking to make it to safety and hopefully to a place where you will never have to see another damned zombie ever again. The main campaign can played through any of the five scenarios or "movies", complete with one sheets with your character's name on it. Each story has its own cutscenes and get-to-the-chopper type objective. As you bounce from safe-house to safe-house, arming yourself with some choice firearms and first-aid kits, you are swarmed with the hordes of the "Infected" as they come running from the shadows in all directions.

If that wasn't hard enough you also get the luxury of being attacked by the "Special Infected" that range from the hulking form of the Tank to the bloated rotgut that is the Boomer. Each special infected has their own... specialty. You will be exploded on, entangled in grossly misshapen appendages, vomited on, jumped on, stomped on, and spit on. Alot of these happenings are not as sexy as they sound by the way.

If you're a fan for multiplayer, which is where I think this game really begins to show it's fun,you should really enjoy the online features of this game. You not only get to play as the survivors but also the Infected as you try to take down your buddies as they make that last ditch effort to make it to helipad. And yes, by the "Infected", I mean you get to play as any of the Special Infected!

Please Remember.
You'll survive longer as a group, however, once you see that helicopter it is every last man/woman for themselves! Leave the children they'll just slow you down and it's okay to knock down a straggler or two... for the zombies. Never forget the zombies.


  1. Awesome game ..... loved the multiplayer aspect of it

  2. @Jmezz
    I always liked playing as the Hunter. Great leap attack from the shadows! The survivors usually never see it coming.